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Make your wedding venue an outdoor garden in South Florida. The Morikami Japanese Gardens of Delray Beach, Fl

South Florida has some wonderful venues for outdoor garden weddings. The Morikami Japanese Gardens are one of the nicer places for an outside garden wedding venue. This is located near the Boca Raton  - Delray Beach border in Southern Palm Beach County. This is part of the Palm Beach County public parks system. I am on the vendor list here as I have performed a few weddings there over the years.

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Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens

The Morikami has an indoor museum with a Japanese theme as well as a large area of gardens outside. There are much tropical and local specific plant life and some species that are brought in to give the garden a special flavor. There is bamboo and rock gardens with a Zen theme. This is a nice overview picture of the grounds of the Morikami gardens. There are many nice locations to have an outdoor wedding and the grounds are large for many great photographic opportunities for the bride and groom as well as the bridal party attendants. This is a great place for wedding photography and formal family portraits.

All of the pictures on this page are courtesy of Christina G. and her Nikon Digital camera equipment. None of these have been touched and are raw images of the Morikami.

The waterfalls by the gardens entrance

These are the waterfalls by the outdoor gardens entrance as you leave the museum building. It is located on the left side of the as you walk out the rear door of the museum. I have performed many weddings nearby the waterfalls at the Morikami. This is a very picturesque setting for your marriage ceremony to take place. Depending upon the time of the year, the gardens are very beautiful and a wedding can be held in this wondrous setting.

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Alanna is very nice and professional as I have worked with her in the past. She knows what she is doing and has great attention to detail for your wedding day.

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Bonsai Tree at garden entrance

This is the entrance to the garden facing towards the museum. The museum has special oriental themed events at different times of the year. They rotate different exhibits which can be on loan from Japan and other museums from around the country. This makes for a rounded and more varied experience and you tend to have less of the same things over and over. The Morikami has a gift shop with Asian and Japanese themed products for sale, some made in China no doubt.

Some of the items in the gift shop are hand made in Japan. If you are interested in purchasing a kimono dress, you can do so at the Morikami gift shop in the main museum building.

Morikami Gardens for Weddings

This is an out building in the garden and it is away from the main museum and office buildings in the front entrance. You can use these building in case of inclement weather and rain I was told by the staff of the Morikami Gardens. Japanese styled architecture and design are the main theme right here is South Florida for your wedding.

I must say that I have been invited to eat at the local restaurant in the gardens grounds and the food was very good. Yes it is Japanese style food and I was impressed with the freshness and quality of the food. I say it was delicious and many people rave about the delectable Japanese cuisine.

Lake in the Morikami

This is a very popular spot for wedding pictures with the bridal couple. The lake in the background is a nice setting and backdrop for a wedding photographer to do their work at the Morikami. This is close to the entrance of the gardens to the right hand side when you walk out of the museum, just before you cross the bride walking towards the rock garden and the bamboo gardens. The bridge is also a nice place for wedding photography at the Morikami gardens. There are so many nice places for taking wedding pictures that I would strongly suggest that the bride and groom allot at least one hour for taking pictures of the newlyweds and the formal family pictures and digital images.

All of the pictures on this page are courtesy of Christina G. and her Nikon Digital camera equipment. None of these have been touched and are raw images of the Morikami.


A pagoda is a general term in English for a multi tiered tower with eaves that is common in China, Japan, as well as other parts of Asia. Sometimes pagodas are used in the Taoist religion as houses of worship. Japan is famous for the Shinto and Buddhist religions. The code of the samurai Japanese warriors and their bushido code is a spiritual approach of the Rinzai school of Zen Buddhism. Many of the pagodas were designed and built to have a religious connection with Buddhism being one of the most common religions making use of the pagoda. Pagodas are usually located in close proximity to Buddhist temples.


This bridge leads to the Bonsai gardens and the Koi pond and many weddings have been performed there. Koi is the English name for a variety of carp or in Japanese it is called nishikigoi or the brocaded carp which are a decorative ornamental variety of the domesticated common carp. These Koi fish are kept for enjoyment in outdoor koi ponds. Koi are also known as and are called Japanese carp.

Koi have been known to live for centuries. One very famous scarlet koi, which was named "Hanako" (c. 1751 – July 7, 1977) was owned by several individuals. The last person to own this Koi was a Dr. Komei Koshihara. The Koi named Hanako was reportedly 226 years old when she finally died. The age of this Koi was scientifically determined by removing one of her scales where it was sent to a lab where they examined it quite extensively in 1966. This was purported to be the oldest living creature with a vertebrae.
Morikami Gardens

The sky was so nice on this day and the weather was hot, but clear. You can enjoy a nice winter wedding in South Florida and while it is freezing up North in the winter, you can enjoy short sleeve weather for your wedding in the Morikami gardens. There are an almost unlimited endless number of possibilities for pictures in a romantic wedding setting with wedding photography. My wedding photographers are well versed and experienced in outdoor weddings and the art of wedding photography. You can ask the photographer to take your pictures in certain locations within the gardens or ask them to offer their suggestions for the best locations for a photoshoot.

One of the many lakes in the Morikami Park

There are many lakes in the Morikami Park and lots of indigenous local flora and vegetation. This part of South Florida is tropical and you have a very different set of trees and shrubs. This makes for wonderful wedding photography opportunities for the wedding party. Pine trees grow in abundance in the park as do many of our local varieties of shrubbery. The park can look quite nice when we have had some rain and the lakes are not too low.

I remember one year when we had a severe drought and the lakes were very low. The wading birds were having an all you can eat fish buffet. Only the largest of the fish and turtles were left in the pond as the fish were too large for the birds to swallow. All of the smaller fish had been eaten or were being eaten and the Koi remnants were packed into very small and tight pools. The lakes looked very bad as the algae gave the lakes a very green color.


Bonsai Tree Garden

This is the Bansai tree garden near the Koi pond. I have done many weddings here and there is a point by the water that is nice for taking wedding pictures.




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